Introducing Titus

Titus has been waiting more than 3 years for a family and we are so glad we have found him!  We are adopting Titus through China's Special Needs program.  God has taught us through our biological son that "special needs" can sound scary but many are very manageable.  We firmly believe that Titus's greatest special need is the love and care of a family.

Titus has radial dysplasia.  Basically he has no forearm on his right arm but that doesn't stop him from doing most things other children can do.  He also shares a condition similar to his new little brother.  They both have asymmetrical faces due to the underdevelopment of one side in the ear, jaw, and cheek bones.  Personally, I think it makes them both more handsome.  His level of hearing loss is unknown, so we are learning some ASL, some Mandarin, and plan on a total communication approach as we bond with our little man.

Please be praying for Titus as he waits for us to bring him home.  Pray for:

  • God to prepare his heart to be part of our family.
  • Titus to be held and hugged.
  • Him to have opportunities to participate in activities that stimulate his physical and cognitive development.
  • His health, nutrition, and immune system will remain strong.  He is quick to fall ill when seasons change and recovery can be slow.
  • Healing for other medical needs.  He has a few conditions that sometimes spontaneously "correct themselves".  Pray with us that God will heal these conditions.
These are the first photos I saw of Titus and fell in love!  My dear friend, Jamie, had received his file as a referral before they chose their daughter, Katie.  She loved him and shared his photo on facebook, hoping to find his family.  Family FOUND!!!

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