Saturday, February 27, 2016

More about Mei

Last week we got to share with you a little bit about how God brought Mei into our hearts.  This week I'm so excited share more about her.

 At 8 years old, Mei is among the older children in her section of the orphanage (those eligible for adoption).  She helps out with the younger children, and enjoys organizing them for games.
And there's a glimpse of tiny Titus in the white!

The nannies describe her as very sweet and sensible; cheerful and open with her caregivers.  
She attends tutoring in the orphanage and is happiest when she is in class with her friends.

She enjoys singing, performing, and memorizing and reciting poetry.  Enjoy this sweet video from several years ago!  (bonus glimpse of Titus in the background at 5-7 seconds :D )
Oh, how I wish I could scoop her up and hug that tiny little girl!

As with most cases in international adoption, her special needs are not fully diagnosed or explained in her paperwork, and may take us a while to evaluate once she is home.  We suspect one of two specific conditions, which can both manifest in some of the physical characteristics she has, but are caused by very different genetic conditions with very different outcomes.  Or, as it seems to be the case with Titus, they may simply be physical differences without affecting her overall health.  Please begin praying for her, and for us, even now as we start planning and preparing.

She is very aware about adoption.  At least every month it seems there are children adopted out of her orphanage and she has seen many of them come through to tour with their new families.  Her caretakers say she is longing for the day that her mother and father will come for her.  We are too, sweet girl!

Next up: Our fundraising plans and progress to bring her home!

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