Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Last Trimester!

Process Update

Last Monday we rushed home from our Classical Conversations community to meet the FedEx truck!

(Cropped out "crazy lady hugs FedEx guy.  Kept in the happy big sister!)

In this very ordinary envelope is a very extraordinary piece of paper!  It is China's official approval of our family to adopt our son!  They are now "seeking confirmation" that HE is the child we wish to adopt.  Yes, yes yes!  A thousand times YES!

We sent this beautiful piece of paper back, confirming that we will be his family, and we submitted his immigration paperwork.  Several months ago we received approval for our family to adopt a child from China.  Now, we are seeking approval for this specific child to be an immigrant to the US.  Because of China's process with their files, Titus already meets immigration requirements, so we are just waiting for this official approval to come back so that we can get his visa and complete the final steps to receive permission from China to travel.  For those of you who are more visual (or who wonder what in the world has taken/is taking so long), here is a simplified breakdown of the steps of international adoption...  We are now awaiting Step 10.  Many of the upcoming steps happen one right after another.  We expect step 10 to take about 2-3 weeks, and from that point everything else is measured in days and weeks!  We are getting so close!  At this point we're in the final stages of the adoption process and can fairly certainly say that we'll have Titus in our arms within the next three months!  It is looking like July is a reasonable estimate, and we have a couple of specific hopeful dates in mind, but can not confirm anything until our consulate appointment has been assigned. (step 16)

Funding Update
We also had a phenomenal time last weekend with our Both Hands project!  If you haven't yet seen it on Facebook, please take a moment to view our video and see a glimpse of what God accomplished through our day of work at Susan's house!

As a result of this amazing fundraiser, the hard work of our team, and the generosity of many, we are close to being fully funded for Titus' adoption!  Exact numbers are hard to pin down until we have travel dates and purchase airline tickets and book our hotels.  Summer is the peak of travel pricing an we can not book far in advance so it is somewhat unpredictable, but we estimate that we are only lacking about $3,000!  Any excess can be used for medical expenses once he is home.  We are so thankful for all who have given toward this rescue mission.  Legit thank you cards are coming, but in the meantime:  Thank you for being part of God's work in Titus' life.  This is not possible without you.  

Titus Update
We recently discovered that Titus had already been told he had a family coming for him, so we figured it was a good time to send a care package along with another traveling family.  He may have been asleep when they delivered the gifts, but now this little boy has seen the faces of his family and knows the smell of mama's perfume (on the blanket).

Please pray with us that God will prepare his heart to join our family.  Pray that the nannies will look at our pictures with him frequently (we hear that his orphanage is good about doing this) and that they will allow him to have the blanket in his bed (I printed our photo onto fabric and stitched it into his blanket).  Pray for our final preparations to bring him home and that the remainder of our process goes as smoothly as possible.  Thank you for sharing our journey! 

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