Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Both Hands... and all my heart!

Dear Friends,

I can not even begin to express to you how excited I am about the way I'm spending my Saturday this week!  God has given us an incredible opportunity to serve a local widow while raising funds to bring Titus home.  Each day of the past few weeks my heart has been bursting with joy about this opportunity.

Many of you have seen our posts on facebook about this project, or maybe even received a letter from us or one of our wonderful team members.  You're probably curious to hear more about this unique opportunity.

Both Hands is a foundation that assists widows, orphans, and adoptive families by helping families raise funds for their adoptions while serving a local widow.  Here's how it works:  We have put together a team of volunteers who are spending next Saturday, April 18, working on a local widow's home.  We will be doing repairs and maintenance that have been difficult to keep up with since her husband's passing almost four years ago.  All of the supplies for our project have been donated by local businesses.  Our team members have reached out to their friends and family, offering them the opportunity to support the project by sponsoring the volunteer.  100% of the donations received go to our adoption fund!  (not even a teeny tiny fraction of a percent is taken out, because the foundation has underwriters for all administrative costs!)

Let me tell you, our team is AMAZING!!!!  They have been so supportive of our journey to Titus and really catch the vision that this is a rescue mission.  God is in the process of turning an orphan into a son and they are super excited to be part of this work, and to invite their friends and family to join in it too!  They have the skills and enthusiasm to bless the socks off of the widow we're serving.  In the meantime, they've been blessing me with encouragement and even helping me ask for donations from businesses for our project supplies!  In a collective effort, our team has sent over 500 people invitations to be a part of this work through financial support.

And these fun-size team members have been real troopers!  For weeks now we've done our home schooling differently.  Instead of days around the kitchen table with our math and language arts workbooks and my undivided attention, let me tell you what they've been doing:

  • Adding and subtracting miles as we drove from business to business seeking donations
  • Memorized a pretty good script to convince businesses to donate to our cause
  • Skip counted by 20s with sheets of stamps
  • Watched a few hours of Kailan and Little Pim to boost their Mandarin while mommy makes phone calls
  • Sacrificed our usual schedule and downtime together to help me with amazing attitudes 
  • Shed tears of joy as we saw God providing things like flooring, toilets, light fixtures, paint, etc.

They've done all this with an amazing attitude, and they are so excited to work alongside us this Saturday!

Please pray with us that Saturday's project will be an incredible blessing to Susan, the widow we're serving.  She has been so gracious to invite us into her home to host the project.  It is really sweet to me that there are actually some projects that her husband began, before he became ill, that we will get to complete.  Please pray that we can get the remaining supplies that we need, and even some items above and beyond our "needs" to really wow Susan and her family.  Susan is the kind of person who is always giving to others.  We are so excited that the community is coming together to give to her!

We are partnered with God on a mission that turns ashes to beauty, loss to gain.  Titus has lost his birth family; Susan has lost her husband.  This project aims to bring a little bit of restoration to each of them.  We are so thankful for each person who has become part of bringing Titus home through prayers, encouragement, and financial support.  We can not do it alone, but we have been blown away by God's people joining together for this effort.  Thank you!  If you haven't already, would you consider joining us?

More information and instructions for donation are listed on our Both Hands project site below:

Easy, secure online donations can also be made by clicking the happy panda here in our blog.  This links directly to our Both Hands/Lifesong account.  To avoid PayPal fees, checks can be sent by following instructions on the link above or on the "donate" tab on our blog.  

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