Monday, January 12, 2015

I'll prove myself 1,000 times for you...

My greatest joy in this adoption journey (and my best distraction from counting the days) is looking for parallels between adoption and the heart of God.  Adoption is core to what God does and who God is.  It is easy to see in the end goal of bringing our son home, but it sometimes takes a cultivated attitude to find it in the waiting and in the mundane.

Today we had our Immigration Services biometric fingerprinting appointment.  We had attempted to walk in on Friday before our appointment date, but found out at security that unlike other offices around the nation, ours does not allow walk-ins.  On Friday, we had only one child in tow.  Today, we had three.  With the flu.  We woke up three sick children (and a sick mommy) and left the house around 6am to enjoy rush hour traffic and an office that opened late because the techs were still in traffic.  Once they did arrive, though, our tech was sweet and delightful.  The process was smooth and easy.  We made it out alive and went straight home to nap.

Mural across from our Citizenship & Immigration Services center

I found myself thinking... didn't we JUST do fingerprints for our homestudy? (ok, so it was 6 months ago, but the prints haven't changed since I was in my mother's womb!)  Didn't our state approve us based on those fingerprints?  Why can't we consolidate the process and just do one set of fingerprints?  How many times do I have to prove that my record is clean and I am who I say I am?  I could actually give very reasonable answers to those questions, but the last one is the one where God gripped my heart and brought me back to meditate on Him.

How many times did God prove himself to bring me to Him?  How many times did he show that He is who He says He is, that His love and intentions are genuine, and that His Word is true?  Over and over from the beginning of time He declared himself, showed Himself to be true.  Over and over in my life He has won my heart and trust.

Picking up our second set of Police Clearance letters.  The girls are starting to think these "adoption field trips" are pretty cool.  Hey, at least they got police badge stickers out of it!  Twice!
So, no matter the steps to take and hoops to jump through, no matter the flu or other momentary inconveniences, no matter the seemingly endless wait for each next milestone, I'll prove myself 1,000 times and more for you, my son.  Because you are worth it.  I'll fill out every paperwork and keep every appointment.  I'll resubmit any document with expired notary, and re-request police clearances to show that I haven't become a criminal in the past six months.  I'll re-do documents that were rejected for having an extra hole from a stapler malfunction.  I will win the trust of two governments who need to see that we can provide a loving home for you.  And I'll do it all with joy because it brings us closer, and it lets me tell others about you and about our God who brought you to us.  There can be no greater joy than that!

Friends, here's how you can be praying for us now:

  • Praise God with us that many generous friends and family have come together to gift us about $4,000 through year-end giving!  We are blown away and filled with gratitude!   THANK YOU! ! It's a bit complicated to explain, but please pray that we will be able to transfer those funds properly when we need to use them (possibly as soon as next week!)
  • We are in the process of having all our documents authenticated through county, state, and the Chinese consulate.  Please pray that none of the documents are rejected, and IF any are, that we can correct them very quickly.
  • Please pray for quick approval from Immigration Services and fast authentication process for our documents.  Pray that we can have our documents sent to China by January 31!
  • We are in the process of applying for many grants.  Pray for God's provision of the finances.
  • We are also planning a major fundraiser event that we hope to unveil soon.  This undertaking is completely outside of my personality and strengths (but right in the center of my husband's) and it is stressing me out!  Pray for wisdom, peace, and courage.
  • Pray for Titus' health.  We have not received any specific reports of illness, but his file states  that he is quick to fall ill in seasons of sickness.  As our family here at home is having a sick week, I'm reminded that it is flu season in China too.  I've been worn out caring for 3 sick kids.  I can't imagine a dozen or more!  Health and strength for Titus, the kids in his room, and his nannies.
Thank you for your love and partnership with us on this journey!

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  1. I just found out you guys are in this process! We're super excited for you, and we're praying along the way. =)