Monday, October 13, 2014

To China, With Love

I spent some time this past weekend sewing, and I have to say, it was probably my favorite sewing project ever.  I altered some winter clothing for Titus so that his shorter arm will be free to use.  It is quite understandable that the orphanage does not alter his clothes, as they must be used for other children later, but it does break my heart to see these winter pictures of his arm trapped deep inside the sleeves of a snowsuit or sweater.  He likely goes all winter with very limited use of that hand.

But look at him grab on to these blocks through the sweater anyway!

This winter, for the first time in his life, this sweet boy has clothes made just for him!  It dawned on me that these are also his very first possessions that are just his own.  I cried as I sewed his name into each piece of clothing - a warm coat, a snowsuit, 2 thermal tops, a fleece jacket, and a cuddly fleece one-piece suit!

I chose this shirt because the layered look makes it super easy to alter, and because the snowboarder feels really fuzzy.  I figured he'd enjoy feeling that.
I also bought Zane one of the snowboard shirt and the striped shirt.  Later, when we send family photos to Titus, we'll include some of Zane wearing those shirts, hoping to help him feel a connection to his brother and sense belonging.

   We have a huge gift in our new friends who are traveling soon to pick up their daughter.  Without them traveling at this time, we would not be able to send these clothes for Titus.  I got to spend Saturday afternoon at her welcome shower for their little girl who is currently in the same orphanage as Titus.  They leave for China in 9 days to bring her home!  I vacuum packed the clothes to save some space and handed them off to Angela.  Let's just say it was one of the most emotional days I've had so far on this journey.  I hugged a woman whose arms will (hopefully) hold my son, and I passed on these items, stitched with so much love, praying that somehow he feels that love when he wears them.  If we're being totally honest, I may have slept with a few of them the night before, hoping that even just a little bit of our scent might make it to him too!

I'm praying that at least a few of these items fit him well, that the sleeves aren't too long or too short.  Mostly, I just want him to know he is loved.  I wanted with all my heart to send along a photo album now, to introduce ourselves and let him know MOMMY AND DADDY LOVE YOU AND WE WILL COME FOR YOU!!!   Eric and I have decided to wait a few more months on that though, since what feels like a long time for us feels like an eternity to a small child.  But we are SO THANKFUL to be able to send these clothes.  Please pray with us that Angela will be able to see him and hold him, and be in prayer for their family in their travel and transition as a family.

"Betcha he reads.  Betcha she sews.  Maybe she's made me a closet of clothes..." -Annie "Maybe"


  1. Oh! I'm so praying I get to give these clothes to him and whisper a little prayer in his ear. And, I love the Annie quote! So perfect!

    1. Angela, thank you so much! I know if you get a chance you'll pray over my boy. I can't get into words how blessed I feel that you are taking those to us, and that your arms that hugged me on Saturday could be holding my son soon. But I know you get it. I am so thrilled that Carissa is coming home and praying fervently for your family right now and for her heart to be prepared for this transition. God is so good and faithful and able to accomplish much more than we could possibly imagine! ... I knew I was taking a risk with the Annie quote, some people I've met have very strong feelings about the movie, but Eric and I happened to be watching it last night while I was writing this blog post and I couldn't help but put it in! I'd never noticed that line before, but it had me laughing and crying and I couldn't help but include it!