Sunday, October 5, 2014

Garage Sale Recap

First of all, THANK YOU, friends, for your outpouring of support for our garage sale fundraiser.  Thank you for clearing out your closets and garages to find items to donate.  Thank you for staying up late to bake delicious goodies for our sale. (They were a huge hit!)  Thank you for praying for our family's sanity during the past few weeks.  Thank you for putting up with us while our world was very small and focused and we didn't return phone calls or emails quickly.  and THANK YOU to the friends who stopped by to shop and say hello.  It helped break up the long days and our children especially loved having their friends to play with!

Our garage sale was successful beyond our hopes, despite closing early on Saturday due to exhaustion and sick children.

Our total so far is $1,103.75!

AND we still have enough items to keep it open for another Saturday, probably October 18.  Because of this, we will continue taking donations through Friday, October 17th! Thankfully, the most difficult work of sorting, tagging, and organizing items is finished, so it should be easier to hold it for one more day before calling for a Goodwill truck to take the leftovers.e  We also have several higher quality items listed on Craigslist that will add to our total, and there are friends across the country who have listed items on their local Craigslist and plan to donate their proceeds.  Thank you!

One of the most fun parts about our garage sale was getting to share Titus' story and connecting with others who have similar hearts.  One family came through with 11 children, many adopted from various backgrounds!  A woman from the neighborhood came through who brought a son home from Ethiopia only 3 months ago.  I am always encouraged to talk with adoptive parents who have "made it" to the other side of this process!  They understand exactly what we're going through and confirm that it is worth all the costs, financial, physical, and emotional!  Another woman came through who just returned from several months working in orphan care in Africa.  Her family business is buying gold and silver.  She identified a silver piece of jewelry that had been donated for our sale and paid me five times what I had asked for it!  Many shoppers rounded up their purchases and gave additional donations.  Some shoppers even came back later in the day with donated items for us to sell.

This is all so encouraging to us.  The garage sale proceeds are 1/2 of our next payment of $2,213 which will be due in early December in order to release our home study and move us along to the next phase, which will also allow us the opportunity to set up a qualified tax-deductible giving account.  Combined with my September earnings from thumbprint trees on our Etsy shop and generous cash donations that have been left anonymously for our family in various places, we are only short $600 to be able to make the next payment!

We know many of you are curious about the total costs and our funding plan.  Because it would make this post too long for anyone in their right mind to get through, we'll post again soon with an overview of our funding plan and our immediate next steps.

Thank you for your partnership in bringing Titus home.  This is certainly not our own effort and will only be accomplished through the Church, community, and hearts of compassion.

"Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory!"  Ephesians 3:20-21a

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