Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What Do They Need?

We received an update today!!!!  We needed Titus' sizes to make sure we didn't put any clothes in our upcoming garage sale that Titus might use, so we ordered an orphanage phone call.  We got to ask 10 questions in addition to his sizes.  We were encouraged in so many ways by the information we received.  I can't wait to post more about our update, but I'm saving that for another time.  One answer from the orphanage staff gripped my heart so much that it deserves its own post:

10. What items are most needed for the children in Titus' room?

"The children in his room are all abandoned by their parents. Their most need is accompany, love and care. Material things they need is supplies like clothes, formula, rice cereal and diaper."

Just look at these adorable children in the background of our update video!  I just LOVE this little guy with the wig!

 And this sweet little face in the background here!

This photo was taken by another family who traveled to his orphanage a few months ago.  Look at those precious boys!

"Their most need is accompany, love, and care."

The state of Arizona and US Department of Immigration will only certify our family to bring home one.  Do you have accompany, love, and care to give to one, too?

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