Saturday, August 9, 2014

Our Family is Growing!

We are thrilled to share with you that the Chinese Center for Children Welfare and Adoption has given us Preliminary Approval, a "soft" yes, to adopt our son, Titus.  (You can catch up on the beginnings of our process with our first post, "The Journey Begins".)  This feels like a small step, really, considering that there is so much still to do, so many approvals yet to receive.

 But, the huge thing PA gives us is the go ahead to share our journey publicly with all of you.

It feels much like the milestone of getting through the first trimester of a pregnancy.  Things are looking good and we can pretty certainly say we have a son on the way!  We also have a while yet to wait and a lot of work to accomplish.

 Technically, we also have permission to send him a care package and "introduce" ourselves to him, but we have chosen to wait a little while for this, as it will still be many months before we bring him home and this can feel like an eternity to a small child.

A lot has gone in to our adoption so far.  We've been in the process for about three months.  In order to receive our PA, we sent China our Letter of Intent, which included, among other things:

  • Acceptance of his referral, stating we CHOOSE HIM!
  • Medical reports and labs indicating our health
  • Statement of Income and Property (net worth assessment)
  • A rehabilitation plan regarding his special needs and detailing conversations with doctors and specialists.
  • Police clearance letters (I'm glad to officially know I didn't marry a criminal!)
And the work is just beginning!  Please pray for us as we continue to gather documents, sign papers, wait for approvals, raise funds, and educate ourselves on adoption, attachment, special needs, etc.

Our next steps are:
  1. Complete Home Study (interviews finished by end of August, court approval could take a couple months)
  2. Dossier must be sent within 6 months (all paperwork sent to China)
  3. Fundraising (more details coming soon...)
Please read about how Titus came into our hearts in the two previous posts here  The Journey Begins and Where's Waldo.  You can also learn more about him on the Introducing Titus page.

We have agreed with our agency to password protect photos of Titus until the adoption is final.  Please text me or email me at if you would like the password for our gallery.  If your email address does not identify who you are, please tell me, as we will not give the password to individuals we cannot identify.

Thank you for celebrating this news with us!  We are thrilled to share our family's journey with you.

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